Jun 21, 2008

Senior exhibition!


Jennifer "Bagel" Han said...

Hey! Very nice to see that a very cool person has made it out to my favorite coast and my favorite city. Don't linger on the Golden Gate Bridge too much.. someone might think you're contemplating suicide! Have you seen that documentary (The Bridge)? Very cool, but irks me.
One of my plans was to move out there myself and hang around my cousin who unfortunately passed away. I would probably be living in Cali by now if she was still alive. BUT it's more promising now that I know that a friend of mine is living out there :) You should definitely keep us posted on your life in Cali!

(I posted this on the Mica Illus 08 thing, but.. wasn't sure if you'd be notified of a comment, which you've received a couple of earlier)

Jennifer "Bagel" Han said...

i still have the mechanical pencil you lent me during the show set up!!!! i must return it to you

An Admirer of Kerrstlzz said...

h OOly s,hit !
,,,,,these kersst'lzzz

i'v e hit u pon this MOTHerlode,,,,,,,!!

this Kerr'stllzz is like t he palace inmy dREAMs