Aug 11, 2006

I'm back online.

My apartment is now internet-equipped. finally.
So to celebrate, here's a preview of my new comic project, written mostly by me. I must give some of the credit to my buddy Paul. I plan to include many many people from mica in the course of this comic, so if any of my classmates see this and don't want to be included for some reason, let me know. Otherwise, your face will be crammed in there somewhere, at some point.
Also, if anyone has any amusing college or mica topics they want me to touch on in my comic, feel free to give me ideas, and I will give you credit.


Crono Leiva said...

Try doing something that mocks everyone's internet obsession.

Daniel Krall said...

Like I said, really fantastic work! I'm very much looking foreward to seeing the college bits! Kaca!

Frankie said...

I think a topic about awfull artists being in your art school would be good, or ones that critisize your cartooning skills but are horible cartoonists themselves.