Aug 24, 2006

guess who


Bagel said...

hahhaa, hooooly shit, alessa.
these are fucking awesome!

love love

Frankie said...

these should have ten trillion comments by now, BELIEVE IT.

I know these kind of comments always sound bad, but I dont mean it in any way of thievery or whatever, they remind me a bit of mission hill. Your art always turns out so well!

Alessa K said...

thank you bagel and frankie!
yeah, mission hill is an influence of mine, especially with this project. I plan to do more, hopefully much more, so keep your eyes peeled for posts.

you heard me, peel those eyes. ouch. gross.

keenan said...

my eyes are peeled....=)... these are really coool =D.... you should also do more of those wierd creatures .... those are my favourite!!! *high five* =P ... ow my eyes! hehe

Kali said...

Aaaagh!!! These are so cool!!! I have been immortalized in your excellent pen/color work! I am amazed and excited! Exclamation points!