Mar 17, 2007

The Goods

Hellish week, but it's almost over. Now that it's halfway through the semester, I have a total of 11 cards done with 11 to go. It's a relief that I'm still on track.

The Tower
(abrupt change, structure/dogma needs to be torn down to make way for the new)

The Sun
(energy, optimism, clarity, confidence, the psyche)

(rewards/reprimands for past actions, liberation, achievement or regret)

The Hanged Man
(strength of spirit, sacrifice to achieve something greater)

The Fool
(adventure, innocence, desire, leaving the past behind)

The Empress
(harvest, fertility, potential fulfilled, power, union)

The Emporer
(authority, ambition, solidarity, chivalry)

(change, new beginnings, reaping what has been sown)


jimmycalves said...

dude, these are the shit!

Frankie said...

I did not know you have a blargger! I have one too, but it is mainly for commenting. Since I stopped commenting on John K's blog, this is my new use for blargg! I like the graveyard one the most, but I love them all, especially the coloring! I'm jealous.

Andrea said...

holy moly, alessa! my favorites out of this bunch are the hanged man (amazing!!), the fool, and death. They all look incredible, i really love them. Good job again!