Jun 14, 2006

Illustration 2

Much better stuff came out of this class, if I do say so myself. This first project is showing a positive and negative side of love. In this case, it's the love of Jesus.


Next we have a neat idea. Choose a phrase that rhymes with your full name and illustrate it. Ehh, they're supposed to be giant monsters on some alien planet, but I don't think it comes across so well.

Here are two gods, Coyote and Tezcatlipoca. One is a Native American god of mischief, and the other is an Aztec god of the underworld. They were supposed to be for an alphabet book project, but it's not as finalized as i would have liked.

The final project was, as you can guess, album art. We were each assigned to a band or artist and had to create a CD cover/insert, disc art, a poster, and a t-shirt design. My t-shirt was kinda crappy, so here's everything but. I worked sooooo long on this stuff.

Wow, I made this post sound really lame. Umm, . . . thanks for looking!

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